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Monday, April 29, 2013

Sunny Lemon

Stripes top- French Connection
Denim vest- Vintage
Yellow shorts- Forever 21
Hat- Forever 21
Shoes- Charlotte Rousse
Neon green necklace- eBay
Arm candy - Forever 21/ Charlotte Rousse
Pink belt- Thrifted

It's like 75 degrees outside, and it's extremely, insanely hot! The weather here has been really crazy for the past couple of days, you will never know what you will wear on the next day, the sun is unbearable and it hurts my skin... I feel like I'm in Texas. I remember last year when I spent my summer vacation over there with my family, we had been going to Six Flags Hurricane a lot! I really had fun and extremely enjoyed the water park and it makes me wanna go back, but for now I enjoy the refreshment of bubble tea or cake ice cream from Baskin Robbins.

I'm loving these shorts that I'm wearing for this post because I have had them for ages and I've been waiting for this time to wear them. They are gonna be one of my wardrobe essentials, and of course don't forget your SPF!. I'm obsessed with anything yellow or neon for this spring, it just brings out the playful and fun vibe, and what I also love about these shorts are the pockets peeking through them which add a little detail. And stripes are a very timeless piece and you can never go wrong wearing them in any season, they are just very versatile and go with everything. And my sneaker wedges which I absolutely adore! They are my favorite color and are so comfortable and very trendy for this season. For sure I will be carrying these shoes in my luggage for my summer vacation to L.A, because I will be doing a lot of walking in Santa Monica or downtown. Anyway, enough of my rambling. I just wanna introduce one of my awesome friends, who took pictures for my blog. She has been like my sister since I moved here to TN, and we have the same passion when it comes to fashion, if you wanna check her out follow her Instagram @chineexx.

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